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Oxjam Clapham Music Festival great opportunity to help your business gain some exposure to a young, professional audience. As well as getting involved with Oxfam and their fight against poverty both in the UK and abroad.

We’re always on the look out for new ways to work with local businesses, and help increase awareness of your brand while aligning yourselves with a popular, respected global charity. We have a range of sponsorship packages that help you build your brand whilst helping us raise money for a fantastic cause.

For further details on our Sponsorship packages, check out this PDF.

Affiliated venues

Interested in helping the team make this Clapham’s biggest event to date? We are looking for venues who would interested in running their own Oxjam event and helping us to raise money and awareness for such a fantastic cause.

We can provide you with the right support and tools to help take some of the added pressure off from branding to volunteers to help run the event itself. For more information about getting involved with the takeover, please contactoxjamclapham2014@gmail.com.

It’s time for a change, be part of it!

You can support us in many different ways. Send us an email to know more how you can be involved atsponsor.oxjamclapham@gmail.com.

You can also donate £3 sending a text JAM0041 to 70066!

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