We are a group of volunteers and we’re always looking for other enthusiastic people to join our team!

We have plenty of volunteer opportunities available in 2016.

Our events normally run from May – October each year and we need volunteers at all events and to help out with pre-event activities.

 Our Volunteer Positions available this year include:

  • – PR Team (Postering/flyering/street team) 
  • – Festival Operations (Crew, Info, Fundraising, Box Office, Artist Check-in)
  • – Media Team (photographers / videographers / podcaster / bloggers / social media)

If you are interested in being involved then you can send an email to Yomi at for more details.

Minimum age 16 (Volunteers working after 10pm are required to be 18 or over).

We may run an event in a venue where people must be 18+ at all times. Any volunteers under the age of 18 will not be able to volunteer at that event.