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Nepal’s second quake a double disaster says Oxfam

Cecilia Keizer, Oxfam's country director in Nepal said: "This is a double disaster leaving many of the survivors of the first earthquake shocked and fearful of further tremors. Our teams in the quake areas reported

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Oxfam in Nigeria

Helping people find sustainable ways of making a living is one of the main pillars of Oxfam's programme in Nigeria. With some 70% of Nigerians employed in the agricultural sector, we focus on working with

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Nepal: Seeds of change

Since she got training from an Oxfam partner, vegetable seed farmer Kalpana Oli no longer struggles to clothe her children, pay school fees, and put food on the table. It didn't take much: we helped her farm smart and

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What is Oxjam?

Oxjam began in 2006, with the aim of creating a network of music-loving people across the UK, all united by a shared goal - to raise money to fight poverty and suffering around the world. 9 years on we're still going

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